More fish for mother and baby

More fish for mother and baby

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Iodine is a mineral that can be ingested through sea fish, shellfish, and salt. Therefore, the consumption of iodine is essential during the nine months of pregnancy and remains so afterward. And do you know why? Because this mineral is the one that synthesizes thyroid hormones, responsible for the development of all organs, mainly the brain, and for the growth of the baby. Additionally, thyroid hormones regulate heart rate and body temperature.

The fetus is nourished by thyroid hormones through the mother throughout pregnancy, for this reason it is essential that the mother consume foods rich in iodine such as salmon, whiting, tuna, sardines, cod, as well as shellfish . It is advisable to season food with iodized salt. Iodine is necessary throughout life and mainly in childhood, during pregnancy and lactation. In 2003 a study carried out by the Ministry of Health and Consumption concluded that in Spain 30% and 50% of pregnant women consumed iodine in amounts lower than recommended. Madrid, for example, is a city considered to be an iodine-free zone. To promote a social awareness campaign on the importance of the contribution of iodine, the motto of the Madrid Committee of Unicef ​​this year is For its development, think about iodine.

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