A baby abandoned at birth is saved by a dog

A baby abandoned at birth is saved by a dog

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Without a doubt, dogs always give us much more than we give them. I mean what he did China, a common dog, with a black back, brown legs and white spots on the chest, who rescued an abandoned newborn baby, saving his life.

The incident occurred in the open field of a peripheral area of ​​Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the dog found the baby, abandoned and naked, on an August night, in the middle of winter. She took him to her shelter, where she took care of her six puppies, trying to give her warmth, protection, and shelter, which prevented the baby from suffering hypothermia, which could lead to death. The baby, when it was found by a farmer, The owner of the dog, who came to the place when he heard the crying of the little boy and the barking of his dog, still had the umbilical cord hanging and did not show bite marks, just a few light scratches, probably because the dog would have dragged him about 50 meters to his refuge. As if to doubt that animals, especially dogs, are man's best friends.

The baby, who was born weighing almost four kilos, is doing very well. He has already received all the vaccines and is undergoing medical treatment. As for the mother, a 14-year-old girl, who receives postpartum care in a hospital, has not yet wanted to give details of the delivery. It is estimated that it was produced in the open air, next to the shed where China and her litter were. Apparently, she had no control during her pregnancy, gave birth alone, abandoned her child, and returned home as if nothing had happened. One of many inconsequential teen pregnancies. Now he is facing a possible criminal process for abandonment. Surely many have already heard the news, but events like this deserve to be discussed again and again to make us reflect on what the value of a life represents. Like dogs, there are babies who are abandoned, and also how they are lucky to be found, to survive, and who are the living example of true miracles. At first, it had been propagated that the baby was a girl and that they would give her the name Milagros, but the truth is that the doctors confirmed that the baby is actually a boy, and that they have given him the name Juan Gabriel.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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