A book to prevent and cure anxiety in children

A book to prevent and cure anxiety in children

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Without medication or therapies, the psychotherapist Louise Reid has developed a method that allows to solve problems related to anxiety in children quickly. The technique can be found in the book that has just been published in Mexico, and that was written by her to prevent future disorders in children, and at the same time guide parents so that they can cure anxiety in their children.

Until recently, depression, panic syndrome and other phobias, derived from a state of anxiety, were almost exclusive problems of adults. However, today many young people find themselves trapped in these situations at an increasingly early age. The environment of children has changed and this affects their way of life, and their emotions. Today children are exposed to many stressful situations in some cases explained by the many hours in a nursery or in front of a television, by the "coming and going" of their separated parents, by the rush and multiple tasks, and so on. Few are those who can enjoy a more assiduous presence of parents.

Reid, the author of the book, advises that anxiety be diagnosed as soon as possible so that the problem does not go away. An anxious child is not connected with himself, nor with his needs and desires. It depends solely on your exterior, on the help you can have to return to yourself and your reality. To help children under three years of age, who usually express their fears through crying and screaming, the author indicates some games and interactions to promote a sense of security more quickly. For children from 4 years old, drawing is the best tool to free them from their fears. With the older ones, those of six or seven years, it is possible to work with a method based on mental images that will allow them to develop a better influence on their emotional system. Anxiety, according to the author, is simply an anxiety created by fears and false beliefs that have been repressed and not dealt with effectively. When this problem is not solved in the first years of a child's life, after the years it manifests itself in a more intense way. Louise Reid is a psychotherapist specializing in anxiety disorders. The book "How to cure anxiety in children without medication or therapies", Sirio publishing house, can now be purchased in the main bookstores, at an average price of 10 euros.

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