Candy and Chinese milk products recall

Candy and Chinese milk products recall

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The European Union lights an alarm signal. Products such as cookies, chewy candies, buns, sweets, chocolates, yogurts, and powdered milk may be contaminated with melamine, the substance that has caused kidney damage to nearly 53,000 children in China, of whom four died.

It is children who are threatened with poisoning. The ingestion of these products by minors can represent a threat to their health. An excess of melamine in the body causes kidney failure. For this reason, not only European countries are prohibiting the commercialization of these products; those of Asia and Africa, too.

For their part, the Chinese authorities emphasize that, since last September 14, their milk does not contain melamine, so it is hoped that they will not panic. Among the many prohibited products, there are the White Rabbit brand candies ( White rabbit). The Spanish Ministry of Health will collect samples of these Chinese candies to verify if they are contaminated with melamine, as a preventive measure. In Spain, these candies are sold in restaurants and shops of Chinese origin. And these days a consignment of these candies was found in an Asian product store in Seville, in Barcelona, ​​after they had been withdrawn in the United Kingdom and in other countries.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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