Babyglow: A pajamas that changes color if the baby has a fever

Babyglow: A pajamas that changes color if the baby has a fever

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I wonder what is yet to be invented. A 42-year-old Briton invents pajamas that change color according to the baby's body temperature, that is, a garment that detects, alerts and "alerts" parents if their baby has a fever or not.

Its inventor, Chris Ebejer has thought of everything. He has created a more practical alternative to the thermometer to know if babies have a fever, and to prevent babies from losing their pajamas due to their growth and stretches, he has made the garment in a cotton fabric that stretches and fits perfectly to babies' bodies until they are 2 years old. And as if all that were not enough, it is expected that Ebejer will put on sale outfits other than pajamas in three colors: Pink, blue and green, and that will turn into white if the baby's body temperature rises above 37 degrees.

The revolutionary invention, the result of a six-month work, is called Babyglow, and will be on sale first in the United Kingdom in October. It is planned to manufacture some 900 thousand units that will be sold at an approximate price of 25 euros per piece. The secret of pajamas is in the heat sensitive pigments that will turn white if the temperature is high. Now we can only wait to see how positive the use of these pajamas is for babies. The pajamas only detect the increase in temperature, but it does not give the exact degree of the temperature that the baby presents. I don't know if just knowing if the baby has a fever is enough for the pediatrician. To identify what type of infection the baby has, I think it is also important to know how much fever he has, right? And that is possible, for now, only with the thermometer. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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