A very lucky boy

A very lucky boy

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Luck must be found, although sometimes it seems that it comes alone. And if they don't tell James, a four-year-old boy, who accidentally unearthed a rare sixteenth-century gold pendant that could have belonged to the Henry VIII family and could be worth four million euros. Dollars.

The boy was lucky, but it was not all by chance. He was playing with a metal detector his grandfather gave him and it was his father, 34-year-old Jason, who dug a hole in the mud and unearthed the gold pendant. The little piece of jewelry, is 25mm long and, ever since James found it, it has been subjected to rigorous testing. It appears to have been made in the Middle Ages and is 73 percent gold. The names of the kings are misspelled on the medallion, but the engraving was popular in the 16th century.

The family, who live in the British town of Essex, do not want to sell the locket until they have an exact idea of ​​its value. The British Museum and the Southend Museum have already expressed interest in acquiring the relic. Due to the importance of the find, the profit made by James's family will have to be shared with the owner of the land in which the object was buried. I hope that the find was a lot of luck for James and his family, since it never I will forget a report that Televisión Española broadcast in the program Informe Semanal. Reporters visited families who had won the lottery 10 years earlier. Ninety per cent of the winners were broke, living worse than before or at least the same as when they received the award and, worst of all, they had quarreled with their families. of the week, I already have my Christmas lottery ticket. In case the flute sounds and because I am convinced that luck does not come alone, you have to go looking for it and without a tenth there is no participation.Marisol New.

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