A newborn baby dies from a medical error

A newborn baby dies from a medical error

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I think outrage would be the word that could define how I feel about what has happened to a newborn baby in Galicia, Spain. The medical staff administered a drug to her, within minutes of her birth, but they did it by mistake since the drug had been prescribed to the mother, to stop the loss of blood after delivery.

It is very normal for the mother to have some bleeding after a natural birth, so ergotamine, a well-known vasoconstrictor drug used in these cases, is common. What happened is that instead of injecting the mother, they did it to the girl, causing heart failure and subsequent death, although the medical staff tried in every way to revive her.

Although the Hospital has assumed the error with "collective responsibility", this will not give life back to the girl who was born weighing just over 3 kilos, after a quiet and trouble-free delivery. It is true that we all make mistakes and "screw up" at times, and that accidents also happen, but I think that when it comes to lives, any theory that can be presented will not alleviate or allow the girl's parents to "rewind" the situation. . The girl was the first daughter of the couple and the first granddaughter of the family. What is a medical error and how to deal with medical malpractice? In this case of the Galician girl, the only thing that the parents can demand is an investigation that seems to be already underway. On the other hand, if you notice or suspect the attitudes of medical staff towards your little one, you need to know that you have every right to ask for explanations. As I said before, mistakes can be made by anyone, but you always have to try to assess each case. If your child has a disease or needs to be operated on or admitted to a hospital, remember that it is good to have all the documentation on diagnoses, treatments ... in your hands. You never know what can happen. When the health of a baby is "at stake", all the care that can be taken will be little, don't you think?

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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