Real talk: Why I banked my baby's cord blood

Real talk: Why I banked my baby's cord blood

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Real talk: Why I banked my baby's blood

We asked parents who banked their baby's cord blood to share their experience.

This is what they had to say.

"We stored our cord blood privately. It gave us peace of mind. The process was really easy!"

"I had an emergency c-section, but we were still able to collect the cord blood and donate it to a public bank. And my husband was still able to cut the umbilical cord. I love knowing that my baby's birth could potentially benefit someone in need."

"We privately banked our baby's cord blood and tissue. We wanted to provide as much protection for our baby's health as possible. I knew I made the right choice in banking after a family member benefited from stem cell therapy. It's reassuring to know it's available, but we hope to never need it."

"I never considered cord blood banking with my first three children. But then my 3-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia when I was pregnant with my fourth child. Though rare, childhood illnesses do happen. Cord blood is something you hope you never need but glad you have."

"I decided to donate my baby's cord blood. The process was very easy. I filled out paperwork ahead of time, and on my delivery day the information was in my records. A few weeks later I received a thank-you letter for donating."

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