Baby massage: Stretching

Baby massage: Stretching

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With small babies, after they are born you can see they often bring their limbs in toward their body. This is probably because of their position in the uterus. With stretching massage, the aim is to gently encourage your baby to open up to the world from the more closed fetal position. Stretching those long limbs comfortably and calmly: arms, fingers, legs, and toes. Apply gentle long strokes across the limbs. Feel the tight, more rigid muscles soften and give less resistance as you encourage this lovely lengthening of the limbs.

If you have an active baby, you can do this one limb at a time, perhaps using one hand to stabilize her arm or leg and the other to do the work. Your baby really enjoys this feeling of opening, guided by this relaxing massage technique.

Make your way to the fingers and toes. They may be resistant at first, but after a while you will feel your baby softening and allowing the massage as she enjoys the feeling of being gently stretched, every finger, every toe.

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