Hispanic lullaby: Arroz con Leche

Hispanic lullaby: Arroz con Leche

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Listen to a recording of "Arroz con Leche," and get the lyrics for this Latino children's song.

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Arroz con leche

"Arroz con leche me quiero casar
con una señorita de la capital,
que sepa coser,
que sepa contar,
que sepa abrir la puerta
para ir a jugar.

Yo soy la viudita, del barrio del rey,
Me quiero casar y no encuentro con quién:
con éste, sí, con éste, no;
contigo, mi vida, me casaré yo".

Los niños hacen una rueda, sujetándose las manos, y uno de ellos está en el centro. Cuando la canción dice "contigo mi vida me casaré yo", el niño que quedó al centro elige a otro y cambian posiciones.

English translation

Rice pudding

Rice pudding, I would like to wed
A fine young lass from the capitol
Who knows how to sew
Who knows how to count
Who can open the door
to go out and have fun.

I am the widow in the king's neighborhood,
I want to get married, but which man's good?
With this one, yes, with that one, no,
With you, my love, it's right, I know!

Optional activity: Children hold hands in a circle with one in the center. At the last line, the child in the middle chooses someone to change places with.

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